Commercial Real Estate is all about ACCESS

If you're looking for commercial property on the internet, through realcommercial or commercialrealestate, then you are with the crowd.

Some of the best commercial real estate transactions are done OFF MARKET.

Any commercial real estate investor, must do some sort of education first.  Commercial is completely different to buying a residential investment property.

For buying a commercial investment property you need a team of commercial professionals to help you.

By coming to a property seminar you will then have access to a team of commercial experts.

You need a Commercial Specialist to help you find great, exclusive and Off Market Commercial Properties (particularly High Yield Commercial)

The Buyers agent will find properties based on your preferences

You will be alerted as new properties become available

The commercial properties will always be negotiated so you get an even better price


Using a specialist Commercial Buyers Agent will give you exclusive access to some commercial properties that dont even go on the internet


The commercial properties found are generally in or near major metropolitan areas across Australia


Off market commercial properties are normally bought very quickly and almost never appear on the market for long.


The price can be slightly better than public on-market sales too making it easier to find a bargain property to add to your portfolio.

Off Market Commercial Property Transactions

Why are Off Market Commercial properties popular? - Commercial real estate agents know that  buyer's agents already have a list of buyers ready to purchase commercial property. If a commercial real estate agent wants their property sold quickly and discreetly then often they will contact a commercial buyers agent.

With off market commercial property transactions both the buyer and the seller can be winners. For the seller the property is sold quickly (possibly within hours) and for the buyer it may be possible to buy below market.

From a buyer’s perspective, off-market sales can be a dream come true.

There’s no need to spend time worrying about the price, face another auction day or even try to manage an inspection with hundreds of other potential buyers.

Off-market properties tend to sell faster than those that are publicly listed, so the process is quicker.

The price can be slightly better than public on-market sales too making it easier to find a bargain property.


What is an off-market sale?

An off-market sale is a term used to define a property that is selling, or has already been sold, without any public advertising.

"Off market" is a term that pops up in property conversations sometimes and is usually linked to a property that's after an immediate sale, where the sale is often more important than the sold price.

Vendors with tricky families or competition sometimes see the value in keeping their commercial property's sale out of the public eye. The vendors will need the sale to take place urgently to allow them to get on with other higher priority issues that they may be facing.

Finding off-market properties

Commercial real estate is all about relationships

The key to finding private off-market sales is by building links with real estate agents in the areas you’re most interested in. Take the time to meet with agents, check in regularly, and register as an off-market buyer so you can be contacted as soon as an appropriate property surfaces.

"How to Replace Your Income in just a few Property Deals"

You may just need an off market commercial property to achieve a passive income?

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